Metricool White Label

Bring all the advantages of Metricool to your own platform

Integrate Metricool’s social media hub into your product, website, or platform. We provide the development, so you can extend services to your users.

Being on social media is no longer just an option for companies.

Times change, and so does how we shop, dress, or relate to each other.

  • Celebrities are no longer TV personalities. They are influencers.

  • Users no longer look for recommendations in the specialized press but listen to the opinion of other users.

  • Browsing and shopping in physical stores is a thing of the past. Now the showcase is social media.

So, all brands need to manage their social media profiles regardless of size.

Hotels, dentist offices, gyms, academies, real estate agencies, or any traditional businesses have something in common: their customers search for them on Instagram or their Google Business profile.

And, for that reason, any CRM, business management solution, customer management solution, or application, should have a module to make the use of social media easy.

Consider how many new customers you could have or the loyalty of existing customers your could gain by including social media management without leaving your platform.


Now imagine integrating this social media solution without having to take care of anything other than communicating with your customers.

Where to sign up?

Allow your clients to measure, plan, schedule, and manage their social media and advertising platforms without leaving your platform.

How to integrate Metricool into your product?

Only five simple steps to offer Metricool within your own platform.

1. Sign up with Metricool

To access the white label feature, first, sign up for our Enterprise plan or request a customized plan.

2. Choose how you prefer to integrate the tool into your website

You have three options:

  • Embedding an iFrame directly in your web, system, or CRM.
  • Through a custom URL.
  • Via Metricool’s API calls.

3. Customize every detail

Replace Metricool’s logo with your own or change the colors of the platform to match your branding. The customization options are endless and go even further. 

  • Integrator’s logo. Configuration available in the account settings.
  • Metricool Main Menu (Hide Full / Hide Options / Show Full)
  • Metricool Footer (Hide / Show)
  • Metricool Chat (Hide / Show)
  • Basic CSS customization
  • Set some colors and fonts (Optional)
  • Email notifications to Metricool clients (Optional) 
  • Set up an email address for each client. It will be used as the destination email address from Metricool.
  • Own domain configuration
  • Own email server.

4. Offer more value to your customers

So they spend more time within your system.  Let them take full advantage of their social media profiles and access all of Metricool’s functionalities.

You, as the admin, will have access to all your clients’ profiles so that you can provide support or additional social media management services and digital advertising platforms.

5. Offer a secure environment

where your customers can only access their data and associated accounts. Protect your customers’ data and promote their security.

This is how easy it is to integrate Metricool into your product.

No need for technical and programming knowledge, no need to spend weeks creating a new module.

They already use Metricool’s white label feature

These are some of the brands that already trust Metricool and offer our features to their clients through their own platforms.

  • Clientify

    The inbound marketing tool integrated Metricool’s planner and analytics to offer their customers a complete experience.

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  • Inmovilia

    A leader in real estate CRMs, teamed up with us to offer their clients a clearer vision of how to evolve their social media strategy. 

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  • Nubapp

    To develop complete management software for sports centers, Nubapp integrated Metricool so that their clients could manage the social networks of their business directly from its platform.

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