YouTube Launches Themed Logo Redesign to Celebrate GRWM Creators

GRWM or ‘Get Ready With Me’ Videos have exploded on all types of social media platforms and some creators have made it their primary type of content that they post on the daily. This content is relaxed and these creators make their viewers feel like they are on a friend’s facetime call. This type of content also makes for great influencer marketing for beauty products. 

Source: YouTube

This type of content and these types of creators are growing so fast, in fact, YouTube found: 

In 2023 alone, there were more than 6 billion views of videos with variations of “grwm” in the title.


This is why YouTube has decided to do something special for them by officially launching a special logo to celebrate their success.

History of GRWM Videos

Get Ready with Me videos began popping up on YouTube all the way back in 2010, as tutorials or beauty tips and tricks. It slowly but surely turned into much more. Now instead of only sharing about the makeup steps and products, creators choose a different topic for every video. For example, some will say “GRWM as I tell you some facts about myself” or GRWM while I tell you about my breakup”, etc. 

From tutorial-based videos to almost a Facetime type of video with a close friend, GRWM videos are here to stay. This is probably because the sky is the limit when coming up with topics when making these videos. Talking about whatever you want while doing something new with your makeup, hair, skincare, and clothes keeps the viewers entertained. 

These types of videos also gain lots of engagement. For example, many of the creators will ask their viewers questions throughout the duration of the video prompting them to answer in the comments. The most common is during an outfit video where the creator shows you options and it is our job to pick in the comment section. 

GRWM Influencers 

After reading so far, it is very obvious that this trend is very popular and there is a large number of creators big and small participating in this trend. Partnering with these influencers could be extremely beneficial in marketing your brand! 

There are several beauty influencers that post GRWM content every day, for a full list of top beauty influencers to know in 2023, click the button below: 

sophie sophie , 29 August 2023


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