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26 October 2023

How can you measure your social media engagement? There are a few different metrics that can help you track social media engagement, but before diving into the numbers, let’s define some terms…

What is Social Media Engagement?

When we talk about engagement, we’re referring to how users interact with your brand.

It’s the capacity of a product or a company to create solid and long-lasting relations with the users, translated into the engagement born between the brand and the consumers.

The more you get to know your users, the better you’ll be able to improve the strategies you need to achieve a long-lasting and solid relation.

So, a simple definition is: the ability of a brand to engage the audience and create a long term commitment.

Your brand needs to engage users as they will become the evangelists of your brand.  The success of your business depends on recurrent users.

How is Engagement Calculated?

Engagement isn’t measured by likes, but through the interactions with your brand. To have more engagement, you need your users to be continuously talking about your brand instead of providing likes.

Engagement can be measured in many ways, but we always need to bear in mind the important elements of each social network. Among all the different formula’s existing to calculate data, you need to find the formula that helps you to achieve your goals.

One single formula will never cover it all as every account needs its own data. Besides, it’s very important to use public measurements and always the same formula to be able to compare the same data.

In the case of Metricool, we always multiply the data by 1000, which allows us to have more detailed information.

Keep in mind that in smaller accounts, you may exceed 100%, but in reality you haven’t technically exceeded it. In larger accounts, the opposite may be true, since engagement tends to decrease as the number of followers increases.

Why Engagement is Crucial for Your Social Strategy

Engagement is one of the best known terms of the marketing world as it is one of the most important metrics that determines the succes of your digital strategy.

As we said beafore, engagement is a metric based on building a good relationship with your community, and it also measures the health of your online community and the interest in your business.

Moreover, engagement helps bringing users into action and make them move to convert.

Engagement and Social Networks

Engagement is very easy to measure in social networks.

You just need to count your interacions: likescomments and shared publications among other measurement methods.

The three most important social networks for engagement are the ones used worldwide: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

These networks are very much alike, although they have their own way of measuring engagement:

  • Likes and shared publications represent the popularity level our publications have achieved.
  • Followers represent the level of trust our brand has, as it’s real people interested in reading more content in the future.

Engagement on Twitter

✅ Retweets

✅ References

✅ Hashtags

✅ Number of followers

✅ Number of likes at every tweet

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Engagement on Instagram

When talking about engagement on Instagram, we don’t refer to the number of followers you may have, but on how they’re involved in your publications.

Having more followers on your account doesn’t say anything about having more or less engagement. On Instagram we must focus on:

✅ Likes

✅ Comments

✅ Number of video reproductions

✅ Number of story visualizations

✅ Total amount of followers

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Engagement on Facebook

This is social network number 1 and most likely the one that will help you achieving more engagement. It’s measured by:

✅ Likes/ Reactions

✅ Comments

✅ Number of times it’s been shared

✅ Clicks

➡️  There’s more information on this link about engagement on Facebook and how can it can help you ⬅️

The number of likes and shared publications indicate the popularity your publications have reached, although your followers will also help you getting data because, as they’re people interested in the content of your brand and its growth throughout the future, they will provide you their grade of faith in the brand.

Engagement on LinkedIn

In this social network these data are used to analyse your engagement:

✅ Comments
✅ Likes
✅ Clicks
✅ Impressions

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Tips to Achieve More Engagement

Finally, here you have some recommendations to improve your engagement:

Talk with your users 

Your users must never be ignored. Answer all the messages, let them know you’re taking your time to give them an answer. The answers mustn’t be standard answers, they have to be personalized and in the context you’re talking about.

A brand must always seek for a dialog with its followers. Don’t wait to have them talk first. Why don’t you ask about their opinion? Questions are good to stimulate engagement among your followers. The content must be designed to create new conversations.

Let users promote your brand

A simple way of doing this, if you’re active on Instagram, could be for instance having your followers mention you or using a hashtag with your brand to present the product or service.

Another easy and useful way is using existing contents of your users and publishing them on your profile. It generates trust.

Create a defined personality

Your users will have a better feeling about your brand if they feel that they are talking to a real person. It’s important for you to always have a consistent conversation and image.

The conservations need to be natural, don’t let the users have the impression you’re constantly trying to sell them something.

Post valuable content

Your users are expecting to read something interesting, something motivating and relevant. Analyze the contents your users seem to like the most. It will help you generate new contents assuring engagement. 

Contents that turn into links with your users will create stronger communities, pages with more likes, brands with more followers, contents with more shares…

Interaction and users’ participation with the brand is what makes the difference of a successful page.

Be consistent

Try to publish every day. It will help you to keep you on top of your followers’ timeline and help them to keep you in mind.

However, be aware of not saturating your networks and have your publications being translated into Spam as you will achieve quite to opposite: lose followers instead of gaining them.

As soon as a subject is getting viral on social networks, use it to attract more traffic of your own. Use hashtags of forthcoming events in your area.

Calculate Social Media Engagement with Metricool

With Metricool you can know your engagement of all social networks, both LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

By connecting your account to Metricool you can know what is the engagement of your publications or posts and analyze it for periods of time.

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 26 October 2023


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