What Are Nano-Influencers?

31 August 2023

A Nano Influencer is a type of influencer with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on social channels, including YouTube. 

An amount this small-scale at the first glance doesn’t look very successful for a brand or business to create a profitable influencer marketing campaign. But, including nano influencers as opposed to micro and macro influencers in your marketing strategy brings some interesting advantages.

Pros & Cons of working with nano influencers

If you want to start working with nano influencers, it’s important that you assess what advantages and disadvantages working with this type of ‘influencers’ brings.

Pros of working with Nano Influencers

They connect with the public

In contrast to profiles with a large amount of followers, social media users connect better with less popular accounts as they see themselves reflected in them. 

For example, it will be easier to see a standard user wearing an affordable garment from a nano influencer than something more extravagant, typical of accounts with millions of followers.  

They have credibility

I am sure you have checked the profile of an influencer and the level of engagement seemed wrong: not too many interactions for so many followers. Is it possible that their followers are bots? 

it’s not easy to be certain. However, nano influencers have more credibility: their main focus is not on getting an economic profit and we can say, that most of the time their followers are real as a result of sharing quality content on their social profiles. 

They are cheaper

Working with nano influencers is cheaper that doing it with more popular influencers.

It’s normal to start a collaboration with an exchange, for example offering them your product or service that you want them to promote. 

They get better results in local actions

Nano influencers are great allies for geolocated actions. Most of them have a local or regional area of influence.

Relying on them for an opening ceremony of a business or special event in a specific area is in generally a wise choice in order to attract the public located in the same zone.

Cons of working with Nano Influencers

Lower reach and engagement

One of the strengths of nano influencers is that they have real followers and are connected to users. However, there is a downside, the reach and engagement that they generate is lower.

Since they have fewer followers, they can’t reach as many accounts which has a negative impact on the number of interactions, likes, comments or clicks.

They have less resources.

Probably a nano influencer doesn’t make a living with only their social media work in opposition to macro or top influencers. This is why, these last ones have more and better resources to improve their own profiles.

3 Nano Influencers 2023

Nano influencers work amazingly well for local businesses or brands with products that are exclusive to certain audiences. Let’s take a look at some successful nano influencers in 2023.

  1. Emmy Rice- @emmyrice 9,707 on Instagram. Emmy is a nano influencer who uses her platform to teach moms about lactation, being a mom, and home birthing.
  2. Jill Smokler- @jillsmokler 9,856 on Instagram. Jill is a motivational speaker and talks about all things being a mom.
  3. Noelle Graham- @noellegraham 8,486 on Instagram. Noelle is a business owner and uses her platform to show off her life as a working mom

At the end of the day, most popular influencers can invest in a better camera or paid apps as they will be reimbursed for those expenses with a new contract with a company. A nano influencer will be more limited in this aspect.

If your objective is to start working with nano influencers to promote your products, we recommend you to start looking for those who best connect with your target audience.

If you want to know more about influencers and how to market with them I leave you a complete guide…

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