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06 September 2023

There is no argument that parenting and being a mom is one of the most difficult jobs out there. Mom influencers have recently exploded on social media platforms. They are known for being open and honest about the hardships of being a mother while also informing their viewers about parenting tips and tricks. 

Although this type of influencer belongs to a very niche community, it is common for many brands to connect with these influencers to reach a very specific target audience. Let’s take a look at 10 mom influencers that are killin’ the influencing marketing game right now. 

What Is A Mom Influencer

Mom influencers, commonly referred to as ‘momfluencers’ are super moms who share their private moments and hardships mothers go through in hopes of making moms feel seen and assisted. They share their personal experiences and stories, which helps build a strong connection with their audience. 

If you are a brand that is looking for an influencer opportunity, maybe the influencer could be an influencer! By partnering with mom influencers, your brand can tap into this authenticity and build trust with your target audience. 

Mom Influencers to Know

Tammy Hembrow 

17.3M on Instagram 

Source: Instagram

Tammy became a popular mom influencer after she posted very open and honest images of her body postpartum. Prior to being a mom influencer, she was a model and fitness guru. She decided to combine both parts of her life and educate and show moms that they can achieve their dream bodies even after giving birth. 

Savannah Labrant 

7.2M on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Savannah posts all kinds of content on her platforms but she began posting as a mom influencer when she met her husband and began vlogging with her first daughter. She now has 4 kids total and shares her behind-the-scenes life as a mom of many. 

Aspyn Ovard

2.3M on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Aspyn became famous due to her YouTube channel called ‘Haute Brilliance’ She then took her talents to Instagram where she shares beauty, fashion, and her journey as a mother. 

Giovanna Fletcher

2M on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Giovanna is an author, actress, blogger, vlogger, presenter, and on top of it all a mother of three. She shares the real and authentic challenges of juggling multiple things as a mom to show moms that they can do it and still struggle at times. 

Amber Clark

1.2M on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Amber began her influencing journey as a mommy blogger called ‘Barefoot Blonde’. She now has grown to be a very popular mom influencer where she shares her life as a mom living in Hawaii. 

Joanna Goddard

299K on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Joanna is a well-known blogger and quickly gained traction and moved her content to both Instagram and Twitter where she shares her life as a mother with serious tips with a great mix of humor. 

Jessica Shyba

28.5K on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Jessica takes busy to the next level as an influencer and mother of 6. She shares her behind-the-scenes life as a busy mom and how she stays sane and happy. 

Kathryn Stauffer 

19.4K on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Kathryn is a boy mom of three and shares all kinds of helpful content with her viewers. She shares personal stories and Q and A’s on her stories that help moms ask away and get their answers from a mom. 

Sierra Lewis

2m on TikTok

Source: Instagram

Sierra is known as Lewwni on TikTok where she began before being a mom and became popular because she shared her whole pregnancy from symptoms to birth to her deep struggles with postpartum depression. Her daughter is now a toddler and she still shares her fun life being a mom. 


7m on TikTok

Source: Instagram

Nabela is very well known on TikTok and just recently became a mother. She is well known for sharing her ‘Pockets of Peace’ throughout her day. She shared the hardships she dealt with getting pregnant as well as her miscarriage. She now has two daughters and continues to share her life with her followers. 

Cecily Bauchmann

1.8m on TikTok

Source: Instagram

Cecily is a well-known mom influencer who prioritizes her faith. She participates in a morning in my life or day in my life type of content to motivate other moms. 

Being a mom is hard and company and community help so Mom Influencers have chosen to stand up and help all moms feel connected and seen. These influencers are unique because it is very niche but they are known for having extremely connected and loyal followers. 

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