The Top Pet Influencers in 2023

Creating dialogues for our animals has been a funny thing we humans have done for years, but not until recently did we begin creating them social media profiles for them. These are what we call pet influencers. Pet influencers are owners using their pet’s identity on a social media channel where they use their platform to promote products, services, or brands to their audience.

Although it could seem weird or unusual to create a voice and a brand for your pet, it can also be a unique and fun way to influence. Think about it, what cuter way to promote a brand than with a puppy? Let’s explore the top 10 pet influencers that you need to follow ASAP! 

How to Become a Pet Influencer? 

Becoming a pet influencer can be tricky because of the amount of competition, but lucky for us there’s no such thing as too many cute animal photos. If you have an animal that you want to post on social media in hopes of becoming a pet influencer, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Create a social media account for your pet using your pet’s info 
  • Create a clear and impressive Instagram bio. Be sure to include who you are, what you do, and where to find you.  
  • Come up with a social media strategy that includes measurable goals, which platforms you’d like to utilize, and create content that will engage your target audience. 
  • Come up with a unique voice and personality for your pet. Introduce their likes and dislikes and how they would speak if they could. 

Pet Influencers to Know in 2023

Doug the Pug 

3.6M Instagram 

6.1M TikTok

The Handsome Doug has definitely made a name for himself on social media and has gained a large following on both Instagram and TikTok. Last week he even met the famous artist, Noah Kahan! Doug uses his platform to promote brands he likes. The brand we see most frequently on his page is Noni Pup, which is his parent’s brand. Noni Pup is a holistic dog wellness brand from shampoos to their famous Boop Butter. Check them out! 

Liam The Everyday Cat 

28.2K Instagram 

6K TikTok

Liam is not your average house cat, he enjoys road trips, adventuring, and camping. He uses his platform to promote brands such as Pezzie Community which is a new social media platform exclusive about pets. He also promotes Amuca which is a line of grooming tools for cats. He is also currently, showing his holiday spirit this spooky season by showcasing many costumes from Halloween Be sure to click here to see our favorite costume. 

That Pup Stanley

53.1K Instagram

8K TikTok

Stanley is an adorable French Bulldog who posts all about his adventures with his two dads. He brings a smile to his follower’s faces every day due to his insane cuteness and humorous posts. He connects with his followers by letting them in on the behind-the-scenes of his silly life. He promotes lots of brands but his favorite for his everyday cosmetic needs would be Squish Face which helps him keep his wrinkles sparkly clean! 

Minnie Penny 

73.3K Instagram 

11.2K TikTok

Once a neglected rescue dog to now a fashion influencer, Minnie has made quite the transformation. You can find her with a bow in her hair lounging around with her family and promoting her favorite brands. Some brands she collaborates with are Fresh Pet Dog Food, Bark Box Toys, and Wild One innovative pet products. 

Nala Cat 

4.5M Instagram 

224K TikTok

Nala is a very well-known pet influencer. In fact, she has inspired a whole cat food brand, has her own merch, and even holds the Guinness World Record as the cat with the most followers. Her cat food is called Love, Nala where she promotes her healthy food made with love. 

Living With Pickles 

177K Instagram

68K TikTok  

Pickles is a unique pet influencer, because not only is she one of the few pig influencers out there, but her account is from the point of view of his mom, Maddie. Maddie dedicates her time to rescuing and rehabilitating hundreds of animals. She welcomes all of her followers and calls them her “Farm-ly.” She has been seen on Localish, The Today Show, and Animal Planet. She saved Pickles the pig from a farm that had been flooded and really fell in love with him. So she decided to begin a social media page in honor of him. 

Grumpy Cat

2.6M Instagram 

Grumpy Cat became famous due to her unique and adorable features. She has a grumpy look on her face due to her underbite and feline dwarfism. Grumpy cat has been around for a long while now. Her debut occurred back in 2012 when the brother of her owner Bryan photographed her and posted it on Reddit. She has maintained her family by posting funny photos and promoting her favorite brands. The largest brand partnership is with Friskies as their spokescat!

Noodle The Pug 

273K Instagram

4.4M TikTok

Noodle became famous in 2021 where his owner, Jonathan, would post videos each day updating his followers whether Noodle had bones or not. He would stand his very old pug up and if he laid back down immediately that would mean it was known as a “No Bones Day” and if he stood up then that would indicate that it was a ‘Bones Day.” He would use his platform to urge his followers to treat themselves and prioritize their mental health. And during this time of the pandemic, he was a light in many people’s days. Though he is now in doggy heaven, his memory lives on in a book written by his owner titled “Noodle and the No Bones Day.”

Loki The Wolf Dog

1.8M Instagram 

51K TikTok

Loki is a husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix. He and his owner Kelli are from Denver Colorado and are well-known on social media due to their picturesque adventures. As Loki’s fame increased he even got the opportunity to partner with Toyota

Van Cat Meow 

98K Instagram

Van Cat on Instagram, also known as Willow is a very famous feline that spends her days traveling around Australia in their van. She has collaborated with many brands, one of which is Dine Australia, the premium cat food brand.  

How Much Do Pet Influencers Make? 

This has to do with many factors including their popularity, engagement, location, and other such factors. But pet influencers usually charge $25-$1,000 per sponsored post. They also often receive free products as well!

Influencer marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of a whole new group of eyes and if it makes sense for you and your brand, collaborating with a pet influencer can help drive traffic in the most unique and adorable way. 

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